AC Repair, Heating Service & HVAC Installation Exton, PA

When the summer hits Exton, PA, we know that temperatures can push 90 degrees and the humidity just won’t quit. It is crucial to have a well-functioning and efficient cooling system. Luckily Davis Modern can provide you and your family with a comprehensive air conditioning system & professional service that can keep you cool and comfortable when the weather gets hot. It all starts with a call to our HVAC experts at (610) 277-2656. Ask the thousands in the Exton, PA area who have been served by our team and enjoy their Davis Modern cooling system.

AC Installation Exton, PA

If you think your current air conditioner is beyond repair, have no fear! Davis Modern can service, repair and install and makes and models of AC units. Air conditioning installation is our specialty in Exton, PA. Our newly installed units are energy efficient to not only keep you cool but also save you money on your utility bills. Contact our Exton, PA team today to make an ac service appointment!

Air Conditioning Service in Exton, PA; | Heating Service

Exton Heating Service

We know those Exton winters can be brutal, which is why you need a reliable heating system to keep your family warm. Davis Modern offers a variety of heating systems and services to choose from. from furnace repair to heat pump installation, we can do it all! To speak to one of our HVAC experts, call us at (610) 277-2656! We look forward to serving you for all of your heating & cooling needs.